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Should you choose Real Estate as a Career Path?

I have a good sphere of influence
I am visible in the community
I am enthusiastic about running my own business
I have financial stability to run my own business
I am willing to forfeit income now to gain later income
I am honest and trustworthy
I am willing to take required classes and training
I want to be rewarded based on my personal efforts
I enjoy working hard
My family is prepared to tolerate my long hours
I want to be part of an experienced team
I recognize the value of a good reputation
I possess good communication skills
I present myself well and dress well
I am motivated to succeed, whatever it takes
I can handle setbacks and solve problems
I am considerate and kind
I enjoy selling
I am willing to contact people daily
I have a lot of physical and emotional stamina
I am looking for a long-term career
I know what it means to satisfy a customer
I am willing to work evenings and weekends
I am an organized person and can handle lots of details
I know how to set priorities and goals
I enjoy making decisions
I enjoy the results of hard work

If you’ve answered “Yes” to most of these statements, you are ready to learn more!

Contact Shelly Abbott to learn more about this exciting Career Path. 616-974-6070 or 888-430-0634,

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